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Buddy R. is a 1 year 11 month old Cocker Spaniel who had a hip operation in November 2005 following a car accident and another surgery to the same hip on May 2006. He has recovered very quickly and the owner cannot keep him out of the water...
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Chip is a 7 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever who ruptured his cruciate knee ligament and had a TPLO procedure. With this type of operation the recovery is gradual but Chip came through it very well. What helped was his love of swimming. He...
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Coco is doing great! It's wonderful to see how much she has improved after only a few physical therapy sessions. As you may recall, four weeks after having FHO surgery on her left hip, Coco was still walking on three legs, refusing to put ...
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Colby is an 8 month old Golden Retriever who has bilateral canine hip dysplasia. He was having a lot of difficulty and pain with all his activities. His owner, Lisa, wanted to explore all options before having surgery and came to us to see ...
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Thank you for the great picture. I would like to thank you both for the care and concern you showed Corey. You are amazing and talented at what you do. I have never seen my dog treated so well and the therapy was beyond my expectations. At ...
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Duke (yes, a girl named Duke), is our almost 8 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Black Lab/German Shepard mix. She has had a long history of knee problems, both knees have had TPLOs, the left knee had a reversal of the TPLO, and when she c...
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Luis, Mary; I can't express how thankful I am to you both for getting Geordi up and "running" again. He just effortlessly came up the stairs and strutted into my office with a toy in his mouth. It's so great to see him happy, pain free an...
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George is an 11 year old Chow/ Lab mix with Cushing's disease, hip dysplasia, and a seizure disorder. He was having difficulty walking and going up stairs. Since he has been coming for aquatic therapy, he is now having fewer problems and se...
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Dear Mary and Luis,

Thank you so much for helping Hannah, our four year old dachshund, get back to living and playing like she should! It was early in the morning, two days after Christmas, when we discovered her paralyzed in h...
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Dear Luis and Mary,

Hannah is completely four-legged now after her surgery ... thank you for helping her with her healing and recovery. It's great to see her run and play for the first time in her life and know that her injury, ad...
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Mary and Luis are THE BEST!!! I started bringing my 10 year old dog Indy to Good Dog Aquatic Fitness in May 2008 under the recommendation of my vet. She has degenerative arthritis and was having more and more trouble getting around (espec...
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When we first saw Jackie, she was in a doggy wheelchair because her hind-end was paralyzed by illness. She had just come to Massachusetts to live with her new family after being adopted. Before she was adopted, she was sick for a number ...
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My husband and I are very grateful to you for the care you have given to our dog, Kaya. Given that Kaya is a seven year old Rotweiller/German Shepard mix who had two consecutive cruciate surgeries (the first one was unsuccessful), we were ...
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Dear Luis & Mary,

I am writing this endorsement of your services based upon the wonderful success you achieved with our dog Mobius. In August 2004, Mobius partially tore his cruciate ligament on his right hind leg and subsequentl...
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My two ten-year-old labs, Maggie and Sam, have been coming to Good Dog Aquatic Fitness for the past two years for rehabilitation and now for maintenance treatment. Maggie is now limp free and bounds around like a dog half her a...
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Dear Luis and Mary,

Siena, Arthur, and I would like to thank you for all of your assistance and expertise in helping Siena recover from her ACL repair. When she started therapy, she was still not putting much weight on her leg. ...
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Dear Luis and Mary,

Sully here and I just want to say Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Once again to Good Dog Aquatics and Fitness! You guys are awesome! You have done so much for me and I really appreciate it.

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