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Dear Luis and Mary,

Hannah is completely four-legged now after her surgery ... thank you for helping her with her healing and recovery. It's great to see her run and play for the first time in her life and know that her injury, adoption, and FHO surgery is all behind her and she's completely forgotten about it. She's able to race around now with the other dogs, and wrestle and tumble and look forward to a normal life.

Being able to swim in your pool helped her use up her energy in a safe and controlled way so that her hip had time to heal. The vet was really concerned about that because of Hannah's energy, but with all of the swimming, it wasn't a problem at all. Exercising on the treadmill with her little leg weight really helped her to develop the muscles in her injured leg so that she wouldn't learn to avoid using it. I think she enjoyed learning the exercises and jumping over the jumps, especially doing the weave poles.

We always enjoy coming to visit you both and appreciate your caring attitude and expertise.
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